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Framework And Characteristics of Athletic shoes

by:Relance     2020-05-30
One associated with running shoes generally include the following characteristics of framework and (1) appearance: a large cut on the end with the lateral heel Rocker, impede the movement to lessen forefoot Rocker a great degree, this design features to promote running; wide forefoot, the lower side, make the feet no fee. (2) Upper: mesh material to primary reason (to helps it be breathable and weight), in addition to the high-strength synthetic breathable leather or microfiber material, and specially designed and configured to process embellishment gain elegant, refreshing look and feel. Pay attention to ventilation, light, soft, yet easy to put fit At comfortableness. (3) in the end: use shock-absorbing, lightweight md (model or phylen pregnant dragon collectively) resources. Provide strong protection for the advancement. In charge of the design curved groove floor, so that movement could be bent really. (To meet the market demand and consumer purchasing power, however using the various tpr material for running shoes in the end, therefore, been developed a variety of high-tech used for the substrate. Such as NIKE, AIR PAD, ADIDAS's ADIPRENE, ASICS (usk Sri Lanka) and GEL, MIZUNO the WAVE, etc. They name to target other purposes, they are all one, is to learn ways in order to vibration, transfer, make experience comfortable globe running process and safety in the bottom of the material, in addition to the brand in particular with to the patented technology, Nike Free 3.0 V3 shoes a lot of the material using EVA or PU foam rubber think its great provides good flexibility and intensely light strength. (4) Outsole: Since running is easy directional movement (forward), outer end (big end) to wear and slip resistant carbon rubber made of a simple thin one, to reduce unnecessary weight, pattern is caused by the should try to adapt to a variety of road, and into the rolling particles design or block, basically curved grooves design can effectively get the damping and stability while improving grip, bend and slip reaction. (5) within arch and foot: the inside of the foot and arch and various parts of investing in high-density materials and tpu material to reverse the product to prevent excessive movement of your toes turn inward, to prevent movement twist. And to conditions on the ground with the soles with the feet and heels natural to reverse, improve the stability and movement control, the program while improving the strength of the effective decomposition of the arch at the base pressure. (6) the toe, heel and side: the connected with blocks seemed to improve the strength and protection of the melt adhesive film reinforcement, to provide good stability and vigor. (7) Insole: Moisture absorbent materials as well as the use of damping materials, coupled with ventilation holes design and deodorant antimicrobial technology, to produce shock absorption, while perspiration breathable, odor can be eliminated multiplying. (8) running shoe features: light, soft, elastic; wear, shock absorption, slip; good air permeability, grip, flex, stability, durability, control functions of both deodorant the Nike Free Run+ running footwear. America's 'running' magazine published once every quarter, the quarterly new shoes, many shoes offer the same strain, in which there are merely a small change, but purses appearance fluctuates. Therefore, bought shoes, after all, one fourth affordable course. Old shoes and a new generation of products is not very different in function, nevertheless the price entails lower cost.
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