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The north Face

by:Relance     2020-07-19
As long like a person to know where to go, the world give way.
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In 1966, hippies tide in Frisco won completely overwhelm have an effect.
From the beautiful scenery of downtown Bay area to walk north, after the world famous golden gate bridge, is located in long and narrow peninsula, MaLianJun toward the Pacific side, side towards kinmen bay, the wonderful thing about the scenery, unpredictable. MaLianJun across hills, many tall annatto, these redwood forest protection very well, with original system. Facing the golden gate bay this side there is often a very famous small fishing port, called sasha vujacic, the more profit. Tidy streets and exquisite shops, impressive MaLianJun inhabitant's income is one of the actual in high-quality United States, so they are rich leisure to participate in outdoor sports, hiking and bicycle your of the key activities.
Backpack travelling is that era young people's way of life. If you do see a with Switzerland sabers, carry Kelty, JanSport or Wilderness into pertaining to instance brand of backpack, dressed up in Sierra Holubar or design jacket, pedal Todd s or blue.on s out of brand hiking boots, in small towns, coast, station, youth hostel haunts, ten to one he merely a backpacker (backpacking).
They happy-go-lucky, where have a wall with trees went where depend, have floor is how to sit, jeans hips that piece always worn hair white. Instantly ate the actual food hamburgers, hot dogs, strip bread, Japanese rice balls, Indian curry and rice are pull at eat, but talking relating to favorite music, such as John Coltrane, Jacques Brel, Mikis Theodorakis, Stones or the Grateful Dead're such everyone, and achieves The bee in The station we all say goodbye, will often himself currently being a tape recording of gifts to each other. This feeling is very beautiful.
20 years old, Doug and 22 Thompkins living in the MaLianJun, they are such backpacker, and can be a very best friends. They linkedin profile often hiking, camping together, Doug preference mountaineering, also like to make some climbing materials. Thompkins is not since when have a crush on rock hiking. Now they must take a van to climb Nevada mountains Whitney peaks.
From Las vegas to east it takes approximately 5 to 6 hours' drive, through optimal poem Yosemite national park, walk 580 highway, turn again turn 205 # # 120 California highway (east. Although it's fast journey, but be over some 3031 meters altitude di OuGe mountain pass, winter heavy snow mountain, bumpy road breathtaking.
In optimal poem Yosemite national park fit walking on is the best enjoyment. That kind of body in the mountain of feeling could be the city come across. With grass tree moss stone mutually close, appreciate dynamics in million in the good thing about the millennium, carved out feet is grown in stone of moss fresh, this is an extremely primitive plants, gradually into NiCeng, to be able to better grow more complex grass pine. Path on both sides, is a mountain plexus and some hardy plants like JianQiuLuo etc, forever in the struggle for survival, the natural waste circulate afresh, makes this strangely elevated place things with each its the greatest.
The sun soon sunset, a wholly cold snap wrapped in the interior. Doug tightly wrapped the ragged coat, watching their clogs. They are made of rough Ti color fur and produced in the ankle is decorated with tie. They had watched him across its northern border California ranch in Oregon lumber, in st. Peter lo wu in tow tuna, they followed him on countless trucks from New York to California, accompany him to keep in the sailing in panama strait cargo ship decks. Now paper as thin soles were cracked, fur has worn have broken, just like his backpack the aforementioned.
Thompkins also in memories of the grand canyon in day time of the Colorado body of water.
'I am familiar with rivers, old, regardless of rivers, my soul becomes like a river as dark.' He was still remember first read the coordinate JOSEPH, Danny ', 'the sea from flower', 'the time period of our story by touch. It is his long life of precipitation, so firm, solid, clear and limpid, that connect the impressions, profound experience, loss of AD cool-headed, grief typically the power, prompted him to from destruction awake.
Thompkins keep in mind Colorado mountain in the fields massive areas of wild chrysanthemum, because he always remind of JOSEPH write the words: 'in this once blooming life, remember heart troubles.' Generally not only remember suffering, they also saw living of vigorous, vile tenacious and blooms of happiness.
Deep canyon, seldom heard silent river sizes and below plateau triangle YangShuYe issued a spluttered secure. Applaud For all the sounds happen to be in this deep space is swallowed to the peak.
Thompkins cliff climb front-runner in the grand canyon, its height have 550 feet, almost the same height and the Washington Monument. It is gray blue limestone, but from the rock oozy physico-chemical process but cliffs stained the hue like the top sunset. Globe 'red' above, is red sandstone and 1,000 feet thicker shaly alternate layer, and then is shallow blue sandstone layers, great ways is flaxen limestone.
A bumpy let 2 people from meditation recovered to god. Carriages outside an appearance is very wei perturbation force big horn wild goats on high cliffs, and consider intruder, it's the Rockies pro. Its vision is approximately eight times telescope, enlarge feet long suitable for in rugged zone Mercedes, hoof margin, hard and difficult working, can treadmills hoof heart has an wonderful as soft as gum and suction goblet muscle, can grasp the sheer hillside and have opened the toe and false shoe, can stay in mountain controls the acceleration. Doug in Thompkins said: 'this guy should be the world's best climber'.
Journey could be the lonely, they filled with dust face, and their pockets
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