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The reasons of Initiating Reform And Innovation

by:Relance     2020-07-19
In 2008 year the financial storm changed the situation of international sports trademark in the chinese mainland bazaar. Developed said by the Bao Cheng Group Annual Report 2009 that pattern that Nike, Adidas was prevailing in mainly market, which was shaped in Chinese sports requisite field for many years, was altering and also the continent's trademark was increasing. In this context, Nike, Adidas must seek more fine and deep sales in domestic market channels. When it reaches this time, Bao Cheng group took associated with an opportunity using a new brand in domestic sales market-Bao Yuan shoemaker. In 2009, Cai Qi ,who may be the managing director of Bao Cheng International Group and obama of Yu Yuan Industrial Group, announced the Bao Cheng group would go ahead and take long-term strategy of diversified management alter a single foundry pattern and they might start a company with the concept of Bao Yuan shoemaker to sell quite products.
Cai Qiongwen told reporters that the merchandise of BaoYuan shoemaker included both famous sports brand such as Nike, Reebok, Lining that manufactured by Bao Cheng Group and its own brand name, like movement life footwear brand FOOT SPORTS, fashion female shoes brand RYEE, a lot of.
It is authentic origin for Bao Cheng Group to create its private trademark of native transacting. The added value of the merchandise under its own brand name is a lot higher than OEM, and its gross margin is higher than OEM many durations.
However, the action that Bao Cheng Group intends directed their own brand is just an appreciable fear of sports equipment field. The risk will be quite high to develop special brands. If Bao Cheng evolves its private trademark, at risk problem is that how to helpful fellowship with brand firms. The justly famed brand all placed the whole confidential design to share with Bao Cheng without reservation. If Bao Cheng creates their own brand name, organization will probably work enemy of brand firms, and in a position to the number one enemy, and thus brand relations of cooperation can not keep going.
Then how Bao Yuan shoemaker step over the business dangerous line from a trademark customers and foundry business?
Based on the field professors, the Bao Yuan shoemaker and Sheng Dao biggest distinctiveness is that Sheng Dao can be a single-product stores, and also the Po shoemaker may be the number of international brands and brand integration multi-brand jewelry stores. So the agency and international brands under the liechtenstein brand name distinct don't conflict however can be complementary to each other.
Transnational trademark and private trademark have different characters. There is no competition, instead they meet a category of consumer one-stop needs through various product lines combination and achieve win-win way. Following a joint cooperation with transnational trademarks with regard to Nike, Adidas, and doing a market survey deeply, the first flagship store of this Bao Yuan shoemaker started in Shanxing Town in Zhongshan City on summer in 2010.
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